At only 21, Eilidh McKellar already has a debut album and UK tour under her belt. Creating an interesting blend of indie rock, classic rock and pop with hints of blues and folk, Eilidh shows her wide-ranging musical talent in both recordings and live gigs. Her raw, rock vocals add soulful depth to her sound and her accomplished guitar playing gives expression to the meaningful lyrics which compliment her music well. But even in the few short years since Delta Devil Dreams debuted, Eilidh’s song writing has matured, her vocals have developed and her guitar riffs are more sophisticated. She is now entering a new phase in her development as an artist, one where she reveals who she is as a musician. With new music about to be released, exciting times are ahead!

Eilidh started playing the guitar when she was 9 years old. With no other musicians in the family, everything she has achieved has been the result of her own hard work and a single-minded determination to be true to the musician she wants to be.

Early influences included listening to her dad’s Rolling Stones albums and watching a TV documentary about the blues. This led on to electric and classical guitar lessons and a formative 5-year stint as a young teenage member of the Edinburgh Schools Rock Ensemble. In her mid teens, Eilidh jammed at blues nights in her home town of Edinburgh, Scotland, before heading south to study at Leeds College of Music. It was during her time as a student that she wrote, recorded, released and toured her first album. After graduating in 2014, Eilidh relocated to London and has now discovered who and where she wants to be musically.

Since 2011, Eilidh’s YouTube videos have had over 1 million views; it was these videos that led Joe Bonamassa to contact her and they have become good friends. In the last few years, Joe has invited Eilidh to join him on stage four times now and he’s referred to her as “One of the brightest players I have encountered in a long time”.